Summer Snow in Russia in Two Regions

Two inches of snow fell in Tatarstan and an inch fell in Murmansk Russia during the first week of summer. I love how the US media focuses on heat in Arizona during the summer, but never spoke about summer snow in Russia, far south near Central Asia. This is definitely a sign of the intensifying Mini Ice Age.

Summer Snow in Russia in Two Regions

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Societal Impact Grand Solar Minimum Volcanic Event Late Antique Little Ice Age


As we enter this new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum which will intensify through 2030, there is a high probability of major volcanic eruptions taking place as we descend into this mini ice age. What impacts will this have on our societies? To answer that question we need to look back in time to the Late Antique Little Ice Age and the temperature drops around 535 AD.

Video by ADAPT 2030 Grand Solar Minimum Volcanoes Collapsed, Mayan, Roman & Chinese Societies

Cattle prices limit-up for third day as late season grand solar minimum blizzard wipes out Kansas wheat

ll23As would be expected after a major blizzard in late spring wipes out the Kansas wheat crop and oats are so badly damaged that prices spike 8% in on session. The supply feed chain and meat /poultry products will continue to see price rises until the end of the year and then when harvests come in so far below forecast commodities will spike again. 

Cattle prices limit-up for third day as late season blizzard wipes out Kansas wheat


ADAPT 2030 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 channel on YouTube has surpassed 25,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 views

adapt 2030 youtube channel reaches 25 thousand subscribers

ADAPT 2030 | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 channel on YouTube has surpassed 25 thousand subscribers and five million views. (25,095 subscribers • 5,107,433 views)

Mini Ice Age 2015-2035, Covers changes in our climate due to a new Grand Solar Minimum and how global agriculture needs to adapt to survive a 400 year cooling cycle. It is now clear with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation (AMO) Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), and Solar Cycle 24/25 all declining, Earth’s climate will begin noticeably cooling by mid-2017.

Channel Content produced by David DuByne editor of who has also runs the Podcast Mini Ice Age Conversations also on Libsyn, iTunes and Soundcloud.


Other Crop Losses Globally Due to Cold & Mini Ice Age Climate Intensification

Following on the heels of the gargantuan wheat crop loss in the United States world avocado prices doubling reduced harvest phenomenal prices in Europe for South African avocados limited availability of lemons due to too much rain in California those back-to-back cold fronts sweeping across Europe all the measures to mitigate the losses in vain bosnia-herzegovina apples, pears, plums and strawberries covered in three feet of snow belgium hit 75 to 80% of the apple crop gone germany cherries and strawberries 10,000 hectares.

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5 Reasons a Geodesic Grow Dome is better than a Greenhouse

picDomeMost greenhouses are simply enclosures for potting beds, benches or shelves. Grow Domes, however create an entirely different experience of gardening in several levels in the space.

Showing Climate Lies in Global Temperatures & Greenland Ice Gain

Stir the Hornets Nest by Showing Climate Lies in Global Temperatures & Greenland Ice GainNOAA releasing the new land and ocean temperature departure from March 2017. That temperature anomaly across North America looks pretty similar what happened to the monitor minimum so let's compare temperatures, I want to take you over to Dr. Roy Spencer's site here University of Huntsville Alabama (UAH) satellite March temperatures, down to 0.19 C, the Earth is cooling, but jump over to the NOAA report and they show skyrocketing temperatures. Let's just do the math and see how the numbers are being manipulated to show warming. 

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Cold Weather, High Vitamin C, Wild Spinach Vine

cold tolerant spinach vineAs the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, more and more of the "regular"  green leaf crops we rely on will be reduced in production, but as a  substitute,the Spinach Vine is a native of the Caucasus Mountains where  it thrives in dappled forest sunlight.

The growing season is short, the winters polar bear cold at higher  elevations. It is there that this wild edible vine takes advantage of every  no-frost day to put on a fine display of edible leaves. 

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The Great Frost of 1740 Which Devastated Europe, Is it Returning in 2018?

1740-great-famine of EuropeIn the world’s oldest temperature record (Central England Yearly Average Temperature 1660–2008) It shows our present temperature surge from 1976–2010, and there is a similar strong temperature surge from AD 1688–1738, before rapid significant cooling which devastated agriculture across Europe two years later.

With TSI down, sunspots disappearing years ahead of schedule and the Sun effecting Earth's magnetosphere, are we repeating the same pattern to rspid cooling in just a couple of years? 

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$500 Billion Plan to Refreeze Polar Cap, While Icebergs Detour Ships 650KM South Across Atlantic

Plan to Refreeze Polar Cap While Icebergs Detour Ships 650KMClimate science meeting the Insane Asylum, Arizona State scientists devised 500 billion US dollar plan to refreeze the Arctic polar cap yes that's half a trillion U.S. dollars.

Bad timing 400-plus icebergs invade the north Atlantic shipping lanes driving traffic 650 kilometers south to avoid the icebergs all the while passenger ferries stuck in the ice in Nova Scotia and record snowfall across Anchorage plus Greenland continuing record ice growth.

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Earth Will Not Warm Again Until 2100, Record Snow Canada, Ferry Trapped in Sea Ice Off Nova Scotia

Earth Will Not Warm Again Until 2100 (2) - CopyA new study confirms the Sun dominates the Earth's climate for major European Institute's all coming out saying that this grand solar minimum will lower Earth's temperatures by at least half a degree Celsius and that's going to be and there will be no increased thermometer readings until 2100 because our earth actually follows a 60-year Pacific decadal oscillation.

Add into this volcanoes erupting during the grand solar minimums lots of ash in the air at the moment record amounts of snow from blizzards across Eastern Canada Nova Scotia fairies stuck in ice Greenland still continuing record ice growth all contrary to what the IPCC has told us.

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Raised Bed Gardening Beats Traditional Gardening Yield Everytime

 raised bed gardening_Raised bed gardening is a method that makes use of elevated garden beds using frames of wood, or concrete. These raised beds offer better drainage, better air circulation in the roots allowing plant roots to spread in every direction increasing production with a significantly better yield compared with traditional gardening.

Improved aeration for the plants, better opportunities for weed control which makes pulling out weeds that sprout from time to time easier and deters pests from attacking the plants.

Raised Bed Gardening Tricks Beat Traditional Gardening Everytime (Link)

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Future of Green Fish Farming is Indoor Factories

shrimp farms2 2Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of tilapia using indoor recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Recirculating systems maximize water re-use through the removal of solids,bio-filtration, gas balancing, oxygenation and disinfection. This technology eliminates the need for a large water source as well as the environmental impact associated with disposing of wastewater.


Recircuating Aquacuture (Blue Ridge Aquaculture Home Page)

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Intelligent Rotary Hydroponics 3 to 5 Times More Harvest

Omega Garden Intelligent HydroponicsIntelligent Hydroponics is a rotary Hydroponics System designed by The Omega Garden™ team which optimizes to 99.9% less water used and by constantly rotating 360 degrees known as orbitropism this effect combined with gravity’s influence on plants, compresses the plant, producing more internodes, or flowering sites with shorter and stronger growth producing 3 to 5 times more in harvest per watt of LED of power used. 

Intelligent Rotary Hydroponics (Omega Garden Home Page)

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Indoor Vertical Farming, Growing Without Sun or Soil in a Closed Loop System

Aerofarms indoor aeroponics systemAeroFarms is the commercial leader in Indoor Farming, growing without sun or soil in a fully-controlled indoor environment. Optimized and patented aeroponic growing system for faster harvest cycles, predictable results, superior food safety and less environmental impact.

Aeroponic systems mist the roots of micro-greens with nutrients, water, and oxygen in a closed loop system, using 95% less water than field farming, 40% less than hydroponics, and zero pesticides.


Indoor Vertical Farming (AeroFarms Home Page)

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