Cold Climate Begins as Sun’s Output Weakens, What Will We Eat?

10.7cm Flux another way to measure our Suns output beyond sunspot count alone shows a downtrend and this is forecast to result in cooler temperatures on Earth. Record snows in Canada reported in Russian media where their crop lands were battered by early snow resulting in losses of thousands of hectares, 2.34 acres = 1 hectare.

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Are Volcanoes Awakening in a Cosmic Cycle?

With the 45+ eruptions at Krakatoa in Indonesia over the weekend and the Minbu Mud Volcanoes in Myanmar starting to uptick, makes you wonder what is happening under the plate is happening and if it is on regular cycles that can be mapped because volcanic eruptions are one event that occurs during Grand Solar Minimums.

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Thwarted Arctic Voyages Thick Ice Coast Guard Issues Warning

Northwest Passage closed, Canadian Coast Guard WARNING do not attempt the passage or be prepared to overwinter in the Arctic. Above normal ice in NW Passage and 4th most ice on record since 2014. I don't think the corporate media is giving us all of the information.

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Manam Eruption Anomalies & Massive Wheat Declines Globally

Manam Volcano in Papua New Guinea erupted with ash plume to 50,000 feet last month but still no answers why helicopter eruption footage showed non ash covered trees next to the crater. Wheat globally at 2007 levels and forecast to drop lower causing nations to cease exports. Shortages and civil unrest as we saw in 2007-2008 through Africa and Middle East on tap.

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Global Sea Ice Narrative Changes Now “Summer Sea Ice is Normal”

New article making the MSM news rounds, now 12 foot thick sea ice around Greenland in summer is "normal" and because there is is much more ice than predicted its because of shifting winds, not cooling Atlantic water temperatures or the water pulse of cooler water under the ice. No mention of underwater volcanoes in the same areas that "the ice shifted" right at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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Planet Wide Forest & Wild Fires, Where Does it Go From Here?

A comprehensive look at the wildfires raging in California and Europe compared to the 300 year averages and cataloged events.

Extreme heat compared since 1900 to see where the trend in both takes us through 2025 as the Earth dives deeper into the Eddy Grand Soar Minimum.

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Cosmic Rays the Volcano Eruption Trigger & Tambora Awakens in Indonesia

New paper out asking the question: Is there a connection between cosmic rays, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

The answer seems to be yes as we look through 2500 years of eruptions. Krakatoa awakens in Indonesia, and we enter the new Cosmic Ray Maximum.

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Atmospheric Rivers Increase to increase 3x in Size as the Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies

Have you noticed the global news push of the GeoPhysical Letter's Research about intensifying "Ark or Atmospheric Rivers" increasing in intensity? Now we see across the globe that indeed these ARK storms and wind events are bringing incredible dust and salt storms to our skies with record flooding and electrified skies that are beginning to frighten a country's population.

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Water Returns To Ancient Cities & River Channels After 3000+ Years of Drought

With river channels filling after thousands of years or being dry in Afghanistan next to abandoned ruins and the same thing happening in the African Sahel, lakes not full since the end of the mid-Holocene are refilling. We seriously need to ask ourselves if this isn't a 3000+ year cycle we are repeating, not just a regular 400 year intensity Grand Solar Minimum.


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Starving Shore Birds & Unknown Stone Spheres in the Arctic

The saga of starving migratory Arctic Sea Birds nesting in Greenland continues as one to three feet of snow cover remains on what should be barren ground at Zackenberg Station where these birds nest. Also unexplainable stone spheres similar to those in Costa Rica are in one of the remotest areas of our world that range from three to twelve feet in height / diameter. Perhaps a lost civilization?

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Anomalous Warm Waters in the Arctic Did Underwater Volcanoes Awake?

Strange warm Arctic Ocean tempertaures in a circular point @ 77.5N and 5.5E, in my opinion it could be a large underwater eruption causing the anomalous hot spot near Svalbard?


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NOAA Satellites Malfunction as Arctic Ice Increases, Four Year Gap Expected

Expect a "Gap" in Arctic ice measurement as ageing satellites are all planned to go down at the same time starting next year. Beyond that strange circumstance, the replacements planned are now on hold as NOAA's newest launch malfunctioned and all other launches are on hold, which include ice mapping satellites for a gap of 4 years, all while Arctic ice begins to recover in cooler water pulses into the Arctic and the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. Its as if the satellites are being purposefully taken off line so the media and governments of the planet wont have to explain why ice recovered so quickly with such summer thickness.

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Drought Reveals Ancient Henges and Ruins in Europe

The drought in Europe has revealed an enormous amount of ancient ruins and henges across the UK and Ireland. Astonishing that these foundations and structures were undiscovered all these years. What does this tell us about our past that we have not discovered or forgotten?

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Sulfur Dioxide Spreads from Kilauea to Micronesia’s Ancient Megalithic City

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) has now spread 3500 miles west to Micronesia, termed "vog" residents in the Marshall Islands warned to stay indoors, ships and ports bracing for poor visibility. Micronesia which brings me to NAN MADOL a megalithic structure with 80 buildings that used 400,000 stones over 10 tons each to create the walls, and the foundation stones are 100 tons. Problem is that it's partially under water, 100+ feet underwater, constructed on a foundation. Sea levels were at this depth 8000+ years ago.

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Is the World Starting to Repeat 1970’s Style Snow Filled Winters?

After earliest ever snow recorded in Japan back 300 years, early reports of snows along the Black Sea with record cold to Mexico in North America, that was last month, so are we getting ready to repeat 1970's style winters where Buffalo was buried and Iran got 24 feet of snow in one storm? It looks as if the sunspot count matches previous cycles as we descend deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum.

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Ancient Hunger Stones the European Drought Cycle Clock

The Hunger Stones stories making media rounds but not too much analysis on the subject except the article. I found a PDF that goes back 1000 years in the Czech Lands with droughts and my conclusion is (a repeat of 1770's type drought) event happening now based on the last 1000 years of data and current water levels are lower than at any period on the Hunger Stones.

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Food Prices Across the Planet Upward Trajectory with No End in Sight

More dismal numbers for countries reporting grain yields and upward prices for all foods you consume. UK says get ready for immediate 5% increase but these losses and high prices wont be fully felt for 18 months, that's a timeline for sure, read between the lines. Australia and South Africa production down, US wheat prices up, German production down. This points upward prices for the next several years as we head further into the Grand Solar Minimum.

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Creative Excuses for Global Food Price Rises

With John Casey's Relational Cycle on its 207 repeating pattern, the Earth is beginning to experience cooling that is now beginning to affect crop yields.

In order not to spook a global population creative excuses are being pushed in the corporate controlled media for ever rising food prices far above normal inflation rates. 


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Antarctica’s Thickening Ice Mystery

Antarctica holds many mysteries, from lost civilizations burried in ice to military bases and everything in between. The ice is a focal point on the continent, both land and sea.

New studies are unequivocally showing gains in sea ice and land continental ice thickness and overall coverage. I present to the findings which run contrary to the main stream narrative.  

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Fall of Western Civilization in the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum

One of the most common memes in academic discussions in regards to the modern era has been to compare Western Civilization to the Roman Empire.  This is not surprising considering Amsterdam,  London, and then Washington all compared themselves to Rome while constructing Romanesque government buildings and laws.   

Fall of Western Civilization in the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum PDF