Azadirachta Indica

The seeds contain 40-43% oil by dry weight basis and Neem oil is generally light to dark brown, bitter and has a rather strong odour that is a combination of  peanut and garlic. A Neem tree normally starts fruiting after 3-5 years and in about 10 years it becomes fully productive. It is estimated that a mature Neem tree may produce 30-50 kg of fruit each year. Forty kg fruit yields nearly 24 kg of dry fruit (60%), which in turn gives 11.52 kg of pulp (48%), 1.1 kg of seed coat (4.5%), 1 kg of husk (25%) and 5.5 kg of kernel (23%). The kernel gives about 2.5 kg of neem oil (45%) and 3.0 kg of neem cake (55%). Weight of 10 fruits from ten different trees ranged from 3.5 to 7.75 g with a kernel percentage from 21.1% to 31.9%.

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