Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast 

ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age Conversations covers changes in our climate due to a new Grand Solar Minimum beginning and the media overlooking, downplaying or burying cold weather changes occurring on our planet, to keep this Global Warming Agenda steaming ahead. 

I do this podcast because we need to begin conversations on how to adapt our food growing strategies long before 2030 as agricultural zones shift, affecting global crop output, but very few media outlets are talking about the most important issue of our time, Cold Weather Crop Losses.

Are you Ready to Thrive in the New Grand Solar Minimum !



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MIAC #030 Kirk Winter: Crop Losses & State of the Climate in Eastern Canada Entering a Grand Solar Minimum

In Episode #030 Kirk Winter of 46 Degrees North YouTube Channel and I discuss unusually wet growing conditions across Eastern Canada, potato farmers unable to plant, leaves falling from Cherry and Ash trees  July 23rd, farmers unable to get in a hay cut for their animals, rising food prices and low global grain yields.  With the grand solar minimum intensifying and shifting jet streams across the planet we begin to see “Jet Streaks” that create atmospheric compression deluge rain events and effects are being felt in Canada first.


MIAC #029 Bob Kudla: Grand Solar Minimum Food Price Rises & First Global Economic Contractions

In episode #029 of Mini Ice Age Conversations Bob Kudla of Trade Genius Academy and I look at five different aspects of the intensifying grand solar minimum and the effect it will have on our society in terms of rising food prices, economic contraction because of food price spikes, Federal Reserve’s problems keeping food prices down, crypto currency and specific agricultural commodities that are increasing in price.


MIAC #028 Sacha Dobler: Earth's Repeating Cycles of Black Death & Grand Solar Minimums

In Episode #028 of Mini Ice Age Conversations Sacha Dobler and I discuss his new E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century, and the similarities that we are once again see in g today as the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. (Download Link) https://abruptearthchanges.com/2017/05/25/1619/