Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast 

ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age Conversations covers changes in our climate due to a new Grand Solar Minimum beginning and the media overlooking, downplaying or burying cold weather changes occurring on our planet, to keep this Global Warming Agenda steaming ahead. 

I do this podcast because we need to begin conversations on how to adapt our food growing strategies long before 2030 as agricultural zones shift, affecting global crop output, but very few media outlets are talking about the most important issue of our time, Cold Weather Crop Losses.

Are you Ready to Thrive in the New Grand Solar Minimum !



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MIAC #38: The Most Controversial ICO of 2017: Ankorus will be a Cross of Coinbase, E-Trade and Tether

I had a chance to ask John Cruz CEO of Ankorus questions that arise when you mention asset tokenization in a cryptocurrency Token Generating Event (TGE) or more commonly referred to as an ICO. My first thoughts are SEC and financial regulators, how will you get around that and protect investor funds? Here is what he had to say.

From the Ankorus Executive Summary:  The Anchor Token system will be an alternative investment ecosystem that tokenizes and makes available any financial instrument, including stocks, bonds, futures, options, gold, silver, commodities, REITs, ETFs and sovereign debt. This will allow cryptoholders to truly diversify their portfolios across multiple asset classes and buy real world financial assets in exchange for cryptocurrency.

We discuss how Ankorus tokenising financial products will disrupt and revolutionize the cryptocurrency ecosystem by bringing in more capital and cutting out the banking system in the process.

MIAC #37: What They Won’t Tell You about the Coming Total Food Collapse and Cryptocurrency

David DuByne from Adapt 2030 channel on YouTube on the SGT Report discusses what's really driving the coming collapse, it's the secret government's don't want to tell their citizens about because nothing can be done to prevent it. It's the grand solar minimum, and the Chinese know it will devastate crops and food production globally which, according to DuByne, will cause economies around the world to "evaporate due to never ending, escalating food prices and global food shortages." And guess where that will lead us?  DuByne says, "I'm sorry to say, there's not going to be 8 billion people on the planet by 2024."

  • Timeline to the cooling and global crop yield declines
  • Timeline for the beginning collapse of the current economic structure
  • Timeline for the rise of Cryptocurrency as the replacement to the fit money system

MIAC #36: Global Cooling & Cryptocurrency a Timeline and How to See the Coming Changes

Jim White of Northwest Liberty News, Kate and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss the impending changes for our climate and society as food prices start to rise in late 2017 and Earth’s climate turns cold enough by 2019-2020 harvest season that global food prices will be never ending due to regional shortages, and this in turn will pull form the greater economy.

We discuss timelines, to the cooling, how you can prepare and practical steps you can take to get ready for the coming changes. The first step is looking to the past to know what is coming in the future. Maunder Minimum, Dalton Minimum, Sporer Minimum, Late Antique Little Ice Age.  Look at the past to realize that we will need to supplement our food buy growing our own, this one of many topics we discuss during the hour.

Also how crypto currency will be used as we transition from the failing old economy due to never ending food price increases to a more tradeable, more stable value and globally accepted instant payment system on the blockchain.


MIAC #35: David Dilley: Definitive Dates for the Onset of Major Global Cooling

In Episode #35 David Dilley of globalweathercycles.com and  globalweatheroscillations.com provides the last piece of the puzzle to give definitive dates for the onset of major global cooling, where 2019-2020 will be the first really cold year, with another amplification in 2020-2021, bringing cold on a scale we have not seen in generations.

Mr. Dilley's research is the foundation for GWO's Natural Climate Pulse Technology and is utilized in atmospheric and climate/weather prediction models created by Mr. Dilley and Global Weather Oscillations. The Climate Pulse Technology Models are utilized to predict specific climate/weather events 4-years in advance.  

Hurricane pre-season forecast from David Dilley called for major hurricanes in 2017, and was the most correct, not only this year but in the last ten years as well. Other agencies self-correct and go month by month during hurricane seasons.

The natural climate pulse of earth is governed by the PFM cycles.  These cycles range from daily (ocean tides) and more importantly every 6 months, 4 years, 9 years, 18 years, 72 years, 230 years, 1200 years and 130 thousand years.  Earth is currently coming off a 230 year global warming cycle and dipping into a 120 year global cooling cycle.  They come approximately every 230 years and we have had 5 during the past 1000 years.  The last one ended in the year 1800 and was followed by dramatic cooling and a year of no summer in 1816.

​This means look for delayed shipping into Great Lakes ports due to ice coverage, and over the next few years there will be ice in the Chesapeake Bay thick enough to require icebreakers to keep shipping lanes open.

Europe will experience a nasty winter, cold and snowy eclipsing all expectations, including the UK.

Hurricane intensity, it’s just climate cycles


MIAC #34: Sam Khoury: How Governments will Handle Grand Solar Minimum Effects on the Economy and Food Distribution

In Episode #34 Sam Khoury contributing opinion author for The Nation newspaper in Bangkok discusses:

  • News censorship in alternative ideas for Earth’s changing climate other than CO2.
  • Cooling and cloudy conditions in Asia during the regular 11 year solar cycle.
  • How the IPCC will wait for a large volcanic eruption in the solar cycle to explain cooling, not a grand solar minimum, but exclusively volcanic effects causing cooling.
  • Similarities of the Roman era economy and climate condition going into the Late Antique Little Ice Age causing the final collapse of their way of life.
  • Developed nations not surviving these great changes of agriculture and economy as well as under-developed nations.
  • Population Migration and problems when this happens politically
  • Why government will need to adopt a more decentralized style of governance. I believe this will also include crypto currency, smart contracts and local trade.

Cold Sun Rising

The Air War on the Earth's Climate


MIAC #33:  Intensifying Grand Solar Minimum Crushes the Economy 2018-2019 with Soaring Food Prices

In Episode #33 I cover Orbital diagrams and overlapping cycles in Landscheidt Cycles, AMO, PDO, Gleissberg Cycles and why the organized chaos planet wide is in preparation for global food shortages by 2022. Major cooling will begin in 2019 with global crop losses 2021-2022. Governments of the world will try to control the collapse, through limiting your movements and currency availability.

This is the reason the sudden push in the media for crypto-currency and most banks and investment houses also starting ICO’s and funds themselves. There is 3.7 Quadrillion dollars that needs to move from the old system to the new crypto-currency system.

Using an overlapping set of data points including Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), Atlantic Multi Decadal Oscillation (AMO) Southern Oscillation Index (SOI), and Solar Cycles I show the Earth’s climate will cool significantly beginning 2017-2018 winter.

Original video with links to all diagrams and references in the podcast: https://youtu.be/rp1NJ0Yf_9M


MIAC #32: Timeline for Global Crypto-Currency Acceptance & Mini Ice Age Crop Losses

In Episode #32 I cover the method to internationalize /digitize ALL property, commodities, labor and assets onto China's ACC Blockchain & Token, controlled through China’s quantum network. Control of the facilities and network build out go to the creator. USA developed .com for the internet, China developed Quantum Network and ACChain for digitization of all global assets.

Moving forward as global crop yields decrease with the intensification of the new Grand Solar Minimum, purchase, and delivery of bulk Ag commodities will take place through the Blockchain in Smart Contracts in a series of moves Digitizing the asset, then do an ICO thereby allowing others to own a portion of the asset.

Original video with all links to crypto currencies discussed here https://youtu.be/AiHxJx0dawI


MIAC #31: Why Governments Are Not Telling You about the Grand Solar Minimum 

In Episode #31 Open Your Mind Radio Broadcast where we discuss the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum beginning to intensify to the point of lowering global crop yields, governments of the world are still guiding their citizens down the path of global warming, although all the signs are around us that we are entering a 15 year cooling period that has already begun.

  • Problems arise when people pull their savings, mutual funds, bonds, retirement plans to buy what will be necessary for the upcoming climatic change. With fractional reserving banking, this will topple the global financial system within weeks if even 13% of people did this.
  • Migration of people from cooler climates to warmer areas.
  • Increasing food prices to double by the end of 2018 from today’s prices. This in turn pulls money from the greater economy and businesses will begin to close.
  • The opportunities are revamping the agriculture system to indoor and greenhouse growing with LED vertical farming.
  • History repeats and we are now repeating a cycle in the Sun and Earth that has not been witnessed in 400 years.

Ancient history and wide cycles of time show why human population increases and decreases on a multiple 206 year pattern. 


MIAC #030 Kirk Winter: Crop Losses & State of the Climate in Eastern Canada Entering a Grand Solar Minimum

In Episode #030 Kirk Winter of 46 Degrees North YouTube Channel and I discuss unusually wet growing conditions across Eastern Canada, potato farmers unable to plant, leaves falling from Cherry and Ash trees  July 23rd, farmers unable to get in a hay cut for their animals, rising food prices and low global grain yields.  With the grand solar minimum intensifying and shifting jet streams across the planet we begin to see “Jet Streaks” that create atmospheric compression deluge rain events and effects are being felt in Canada first.


MIAC #029 Bob Kudla: Grand Solar Minimum Food Price Rises & First Global Economic Contractions

In episode #029 of Mini Ice Age Conversations Bob Kudla of Trade Genius Academy and I look at five different aspects of the intensifying grand solar minimum and the effect it will have on our society in terms of rising food prices, economic contraction because of food price spikes, Federal Reserve’s problems keeping food prices down, crypto currency and specific agricultural commodities that are increasing in price.


MIAC #028 Sacha Dobler: Earth's Repeating Cycles of Black Death & Grand Solar Minimums

In Episode #028 of Mini Ice Age Conversations Sacha Dobler and I discuss his new E-book Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century, and the similarities that we are once again seeing today as the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies.

(E-Book Download Link) https://abruptearthchanges.com/2017/05/25/1619/


MIAC #27: What our Society Will be Like During the Grand Solar Minimum 2018-2023 

In Episode #27 with Inventor Lee Wheelbarger is about getting mentally prepared for a pioneering lifestyle and a look at Electrical phenomenon around the planet that is surging to be noticeable by all.the time line still stands for drastic cooling and incredible shifts in Earth’s climate system as the grand solar minimum commences from 2018-2023.

When the New Madrid fault line awakens again as its doing now, the gas and oil pipes will be severed and fuels will be unavailable. If this happens during winter 10s of millions of households will be without a fuel source to heat their homes, not to mention the ripple effects and spinoffs into the economy.

Moving agriculture to indoor led growing facilities as the outdoor climate will become too unstable and too hostile. It’s all about rotary drum grow systems, the correct wave lengths of light to grow plants and the machinery / hardware involved to replace lost crops from the fields.

Countries have been annexing land for a decade knowing this Grand Solar Minimum was coming, but the Obama administration did nothing to prepare. We also delve into the certainty of scientists that show massive shifts in global cloud patterns due to increased cosmic rays and subsequent effects on our weather with more clouds.

Railroads will be brought back as the economy shrinks in the USA as the cheapest form of transport and delivery. New boom towns will emerge as a repeat in history. This technology of laying rails can be brought back on line so rapidly compared with rebuilding entire roadways. A majority of transport will be going by rail.

If every government in the world came to agreement and worked together, we could put together solutions, but at this rate we are out of time and little preparation has been done. You are on your own.

This episode of Mini Ice Age Conversations brought to you by Omega Garden Rotary Hydroponic System with the Farmdominium. http://omegagarden.com


MIAC #26: Late Season Snow Affects Global Agriculture w/ Record Cold Greenland & Arctic 

In June 2017, there were two regional races hampered by unusual blizzards and heavy late season snow. The Yukon Relay in Canada and the Leadville Trail Marathon. Agriculture community chat boards and twitter feeds are loaded with images and amazement of frozen solid corn on the stalks, frost on corn, flooded fields, mega drought decimating the fields. Expect low yields and high commodities prices.

Contrary to what the media is rattling off about above normal temperatures in the Arctic, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) shows that temperatures are record low and just 1C above freezing and Record Cold July in Arctic & Squaw Valley & Tahoe First Time Ever July 4th Skiing. Dr Roy Spencer has released the June 2017 UAH satellite temperature set, but it shows a 0.23C drop from May 2017 temperatures. Ethereum smart contracts will be used as the global economy collapses and international trade needs to continue but without bank intermediaries or fiat money loosing value.

Incredibly the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere was July 05, 2017 at Summit Station on GREENLAND @ -33C. Additionally the mass surface ice budget is blowing away all records.

(409) Greenland Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Northern Hemisphere in July https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuw9gMSIOLs

(408) Earth’s Temperature Cools in June with Blockchain Smart Contracts a Solution to Crop Failures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDQgXxeVs8E

(407) Record Cold July in Arctic & Squaw Valley & Tahoe First Time Ever July 4th Skiing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WavIkTybKXg   

(406) Frost and Frozen Corn in the Fields USA June 26 & 27th  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jZI95pdVms

(405) June Snowstorms Affect Races in Canada and Colorado https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-MK0aTTdnY

Brought to you by David DuByne creator of ADAPT 2030 YouTube Channel


MIAC #25: What's Next for Agriculture during the Grand Solar Minimum: Inventor Lee Wheelbarger

Inventor Lee Wheelbarger and I discusses the evolution of crypto-currency during the grand solar minimum and how farmers in the world are taking notice that the climate is shifting to wet and cold in the N. Hemisphere and the ways they are mitigating risk.

Also ancient mythology related to microbursts, atmospheric compression events and extreme wind events along with dolmens and ley lines / energy grids across our planet starting to re-energize.

In closing Lee talks about how to create your own cloud chamber to see cosmic rays whizzing by.