Our Sun has begun a 30 year cycle of decreased activity termed a Grand Solar Minimum and known by it's more common effect "Global Cooling". The most intense cycles occur roughly every 396 years with a medium cooling cycle every 207 years.

From 2016 forward global temperatures will cool 1.5-3C which will have a dramatic impact on weather patterns and global food production. This is the greatest threat, not the cold itself to the human population. 

Below is a list of resources to get you started learning about the past events called the Wolff, Sporer, Maunder and Dalton Grand Solar Minimums. You can look back in history and see how society was affected and now with better science, we can accurately measure the declines in solar output and take measures to adapt our global grain growing strategies for cooler and wetter conditions.

Information Sites

Ice Age Now

No Tricks Zone

Real Science / Steven Goddard 

Climate Depot / Marc Morano 

Dr. Tim Ball

Watts Up With That / Anthony Watts 

Dr. Roy Spencer

Not A Lot of People Know That


Ice Age Farmer

Oppenhimer Ranch Project

C3Headlines Historical Temperature Graph Collection

C3Headlines Modern Historical Temperature Graph Collection 

Adapt 2030 Global Cooling and Grand Solar Minimum YouTube 

Mini Ice Age News Consolidator and Resource Sites 

The Watchers Adorraeli

SOTT Signs of the Times

The Extinction Protocol

Next Grand Minimum

Strange Sounds

Earth Chronicles

The Big Wobble

Climate Reports Thousands of Years in Time Frames

Medieval Warm Period Charts Reconstruction Globally

Cambio Climatic

Solar Cycle 25

Global Freezing Your Ass Off Charts

15GB of DIY Survival Information PDF’s

Agriculture Commodities Price Indicies



USA Drought Monitor


Real Agriculture Futures

CME Ag Futures


Black Sea Grain News


Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)

Reports & Published Papers – Grand Solar Minimum / Mini Ice Age

Nature Geo Journal

Sage Journals

CATO Journals

Wiley Journals 

Academia Journals

PNAS Journals

Global Medieval Warming Period Map 

Combined Ice Core Data Sets (OSU)

Global Temperature and Weather Maps

Live Temperature Maps Globally

Global Weather Temperature Detailed Sets (WeatherModels) Model Charts Global Snow, Rain & Temperature 

North Pole Daily Temperature Forecast

Cold and Warm Records Globally

Windy TY Global Wind Map

ROSE Emergency & Global Incident Map

NullSchool Global Wind & Temperature Map

World Flood Intensity Map

Worldwide Flood Event Tracker

Global Cloud Cover and Precipitation Map

TropicalTidbits Ocean Storm Tracker

Ocean Temperature Maps


VentuSky Fully Interactive Weather Map

International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) 

GFS Global Temperature Model

Intellicast Global Weather Deltas

University of Maine (UM) Climate Change Institute (CCI) 

RSS Time Series Atmospheric Levels Temperatures Series 


Pivotal Weather Middle East 

Canadian Weather

Global Weather Models Europe 

El Dorado Country Weather Forecasts

German / North Europe Weather Round-Up

Severe Weather EU

GOES Satellite Weather Maps

Meteorological Weather Lab

Spaghetti Models and Continental Forecasts 

Global Cloud Topography Daily Update 

Sea Ice and Snow

Cold & Polar Outbreak Forecasts 

Arctic & Antarctic Sea Ice Concentrations Browser

Arctic Sea Ice Graphs

Latest Ice Conditions W&E Arctic + Hudson Bay

Rutgers Snow Lab

EOSDIS WorldView Satellite

Daily IceBerg Count & Plot US Coast Guard 

Daily Ice Berg Count Canadian Ice Service

Sea Ice Page Global Updates

Great Lakes Ice Charts

DMI Arctic Circle Temperatures 80N

PIOMAS Daily Arctic Ice Volume

Naval Ice Center

DMI Arctic & Greenland Ice

Sea Ice Northwest Passage, Polar Ice and Satellite Updates

Zachary Labee Arctic Sea Ice Extent / Concentration

Snow Updates & Accumulation from Ski Resorts Globally

Solar & Magnetic Pole Activity Pages

Solar Updates

Space Weather News 

STEREO Satellite Images

SOHO Satellite Images

SDO Satellite Images

Helioviewer Solar Data Browser

BARTOL Cosmic Rays

GONG Solar Magnetic Field Interactive

Magnetic Pole Update

Solar Sesimic Connection John Casey

Meteors in Our Atmosphere & Volcanoes

Meteor Shower Locations on Ecliptic

Meteor Showers Time & Date

Volcano Cafe Global Activity Updates

Volcano Discovery Global News of Active Volcanoes

Maps, Charts & Graphs

Relocation Map Series Ice Age Farmer

Ice Age Farmer Real Time Global Crop Loss Map 

450 Graphs of Sea Surface Temperatures and Global Series

450 Graphs Disputing Global Warming