Food Thieves in France, Cryptocurrency Food Fund and Spanish Ports

As we see thorough history whether it be the Maunder Minimum where grain shipments were accompanied by the military to thieves with grain harvesters in Thailand when rice prices rose, when food gets expensive, people steal. Now we have thieves in France raiding high end grapes from Bordeaux vineyards. So as you can see that food will become the most valuable commodity on our planet by 2020-2021, there will need to be special measures in place to track every ounce of grain and tin of food. Enter the food ecosystem of the blockchain. Organic farmers at the local level are organizing in to co-ops who in turn are offering ICO food coins. But to have a complete ecosystem, you need to monitor shipping and delivery, which all of the supply chain consortium are doing, and lastly, consolidate ports, which is why the Spanish referendum was held. Those who control the food delivery , control society. This is your crystal ball to 2021.

Food Thieves in France, Cryptocurrency Food Fund and Spanish Ports

Food Thieves in France, Cryptocurrency Food Fund and Spanish Ports

Talking about repeating patterns thieves steal tons of premium Bordeaux grapes the French wine season was a disaster last year. It was Austria and Germany this year France is such in disarray with their wine growing that thieves have walked in and stripped vineyards clean this article focuses specifically on one area. that was targeted out of dozens that have been hit over the last week 700 kilos are grapes stolen from a particular high-end grape variety premium Bordeaux vineyards and some of these not so premium areas were stripped as well copious quantities of grapes have been stolen and then Phillipe buddy even talks about how dire the harvest is.Tthis is gonna continue from this point forward French wheat and French wine will be affected they were greatly affected during the last grand solar minimum.





Trace back through history and see what happened in the 1700s early 1700s based on grande solar minimum food losses so has this occurred before where when food got expensive or a type of food did people steal it out of the fields. Let's just go back to Thailand 2008 rice prices umped from $300 a ton to 330 dollars a ton and suddenly farmers need to keep watch over their fields because bandit harvesters would come in at night with their mechanical gear and just harvest entire fields in the dark literally steal the rice from the field drive away with it. Then they had to put armed guards out in the rice fields and not only that but then it led to rice hoarding and we're already starting to see this right now where people are stealing onto the vineyards this is a high-end crop but what happens when it comes to corn and wheat and oats they're gonna put armed guards in the fields and well those guards shoot somebody's stealing food because this.





Rolls us right back in to the monitor minimum again when grain shipments were accompanied by military. These food warehouse storage facilities are going to be the most valuable product equal to what a gold exchange would hold. In 2020 they will have to have armed guards around every one of these facilities that's how valuable food is going to become and when you understand that by 2019 and 2020 food is gonna get so expensive that it's going to disrupt the entire economic system on our planet. 2018 when the real economic shakedown is going to start because food will double or triple in price and that will pull out of the greater economy.




When you understand food how valuable is going to be in the future, you can see how cryptocurrency is moving into the food delivery and growing platforms with the farmers right now. I'm not promoting any of these coins I'm not a financial adviser. This is my opinion and I'm telling you what's out there right now and how food is being digitized in food is moving into the cryptocurrency space food coin. Food coin this is a Swiss ICO that was set out for agriculture and food businesses. You understand they're moving this cryptocurrency into food production and delivery right now in earnest business to consumer and business to business online marketplace for natural foods. This includes food buying clubs and co-ops and you as the customer and small businesses connected to food and food growers and producers. They're even running a digital platform where you can use cryptocurrency and this is all overseen with block chain traceability. They've even four thousand registered users already fifteen hundred products on the site now.




We come to la vaca, la vaca farming collective ICO called bio coin they originally raised half a million dollars now they're going for a 15 million dollar ICO local farmers natural producers it's created by the farm co-op consisting of 200 small family farms now when it gets down to the level of small family farmers on to the blockchain in to cryptocurrency for payment. I know people will come out of the woodwork and say why are you trying to bring cryptocurrency into the grand solar minimum space because if you don't you're not seeing the entire picture I really hope you get it. This is where it's moving to if you don't have cryptocurrency you're not buying this you can trade and barter but when it comes to buying something at 2020 our global economy will have collapsed evaporated into nothing at that point there will be mass migration. There will be crime waves that are even unthinkable today way that people are gonna pay for something at that time it's gonna be using cryptocurrency, gold, silver or bartering.





And then we jump over to Russia, Kolia novo ecosystem again farm oriented blockchain agriculture producers, agricultural services. These food storage warehouses are going to house the most valuable commodity on our planet circa 2020 and each loaf of bread or pound of wheat or kilogram of corn coming out of these warehouses will be equivalent to your day's wages. At today's present value food is going to be so expensive and it's gonna get scarce or as we roll past 2020 when we get into the 2023 2024 era, the amount that food is going to cost you if it can be grown regionally. we are coming back into a global reset button if you have cryptocurrency they're gonna buy sell and trade through this medium. If you don't have it you're going to be relegated to trading and bartering or using gold and silver there will be some currencies that will be used as the world reserve currencies which are undecided at the moment. The US dollars not going to be one of those. it could be something coming out of China or it could be something coming out of gold backed reserves.




Between Russia and China unknown at the moment but the  present ecosystem of our global banking what you consider right now is not going to exist in the same form four years from now why do you think large corporations are now even tracking chickens on the blockchain every one of those chickens you see there is gonna be worth thousands of US dollars in 2023. Australia's biggest grain exporter blockchain tracking system grains are also going to be incredibly expensive if you can even get it and now why is everything moving over to the blockchain to restore trust now. China says it's for its seafood supply, there's a lot of counterfeit foods overthere I could understand that but when Walmart uses blockchain for food tracking in addition to its regular supply chain management and other asia-pacific. Blockchain consortiums are forming around food supply chain on the blockchain. Don't they already have supply chain managers and a full system in play, why do they suddenly move over and it's not to save you money? It's so they can track everything because it is gonna be so valuable and I can't even say that enough.




In this video I really can't so let's bring this into a real-world case study right here Spain the referendum that went on over the last week in Catalonia why do you think they decided to just suddenly right now step away well let's take a look at what's on their coastline Barcelona incredibly famous incredibly beautiful architecture let's zoom in on that seaports and container terminals two of those right there on the coast. But how much cargoes really going through Barcelona oh the third most in the entire country now when you understand that who controls food distribution and food delivery becomes a new billionaires on the planet and also control society. So the last piece of the puzzle what would have to be as our food shipments will need to be tracked literally tracked. See you've changed Deloitte tracking ships not only the certificates put the cargo on the blockchain unaltered now.



You have Maersk deploying blockchain maritime insurance and now we got IBM blockchain supply chain trials with Singapore port one of the largest ports in the entire planet and in Asia second largest port in Europe outside Rotterdam blocked Logistics they are getting ready to Track. Everything at IBM is focusing on this blockchain trucking tracking okay so now we've gone from using Bitcoin five years ago to the introduction of aetherium and suddenly in the last year and a half it moved into tracking. Everything grown raised shipped or moved across the planet really that adoption came that quickly and now ripple conferences talking about going around the Swift system or occurring this month on the 18th and then just another run down of headlines consensus IBM blockchain could save shipping industry billions.





That's how they're gonna sell it to you. Is they're gonna save you money on shipping which will bring down the cost to your food because your foods gonna keep rising in price but from now on the world's largest shipping firms are tracking cargo in the blockchain and once you see all the largest shipping ports in Europe and the largest shipping ports in Asia starting to track everything through a different medium that can't be altered and starting to know that solidity is the way that it's going to be done you might want to take a look over and github at the solidity real time compiler understand how it works because I am bringing this to you to try to show you the future of our food production and how it's going to be wiped out and limited during the grand solar minimum and how you're going to need to buy a sell it and trade it because all food production and that'll even go down. To the organic farmer you saw the local organic farmer is going into blockchain and cryptocurrency for payments for their goods and services food distribution and the food delivery could be local with trucks could be by rail could be ocean-going vessels.




 But you've seen it's all gonna be tracked every last gram of grain or ounce if you're in the United States will be tracked it's going to be that valuable in the future by 2030 on our planet and by the harvest season of 2019 and 20 the world will be very aware of what's going on and this is gonna set in a panic by hoarding situation which is going to further exacerbate the shortages and when the harvests don't come in and they know they're not coming in ever again in our lifetimes at the levels they are coming in last year in the years before when we had abundant grain supplies this is when the paradigm shifts this is one that effect comes where everybody understands at the same time will have a better understanding of why they need to protect the most valuable commodity on our planet and the way they're gonna track it this is the future it's already almost 2018 this is the roadmap this is the blueprint this is how it's gonna move and I wish you the best of luck in exploring informational e what's going on in this space and at the very minimum you're gonna have to grow your own food thanks for watching hope you got something out of the video time is getting shorter and shorter every single day for you to get ready for this.






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