Astrology & Planetary Alignments During the Grand Solar Minimum

I am not an astrologer, but see the energies of our galaxy and star systems now effecting our Earth, and with the intensification of the Grand Solar Minimum. Planets are lining up in very unusual ways. Literally once in 400 year patterns, or exact matches in once in 2000 year patterns. If you are an astrologer and can interpret the transits with the planetary geometry of each year moving forward, please leave a comment or send me a message.

Astrology & Planetary Alignments During the Grand Solar Minimum

Astrology & Planetary Alignments During the Grand Solar Minimum

This is the forecast going out intensifying into the grand solar minimum the lack of sunspots the increase in galactic cosmic rays and this bombardment of new energy onto our planet. That's going to affect human consciousness. This rolls out to 2040 but if we take a look a little bit closer timeframes here you can start to see the amplification of our weather which you're starting to notice definitely over these last three months. We really just touched the cusp of the increases in activity in the way our cloud bands our magnetosphere and our jet streams are shifting right now. The amplification is gonna ramp up 4x as to what you've seen over these last few months coming up in 2018 and when we move out year upon year going forward.



 I'm gonna ask for your help I'm not an astrologer but I'm really starting to delve into it and I'm such a beginner but I'm understanding the energetic effects on the human race and how we're gonna moveforward and how this is gonna affect everybody on the planet. And a couple amazing spirits pulled me aside and said you're missing part of the whole picture. You need to look at the astrology side of everything I started to look through I found some sort of symmetry here and if you look at the 65-year repeating pattern I wanted to go back hundreds of years 200 years, 400 years, a thousand years into the past.




But I just couldn't find that to see if these patterns match up so I'm asking for help if you are an astrologer or if you know anything about these trines triangles squares etc. I'm gonna put the planetary geometry right next to what's coming up with the crossings. This is 2018 in October now when the earth starts to get on the same side as all the Jovian planets. This is where the magnetism and our weather is going to become extremely out of sync I put that green line there once we cross over the earth crosses this line coming up in May of 2019. This will be another amplification that spring is going to be a spring to remember. And when we come into October the fall of 2019 you can see how the Jovians have even come into closer alignment with.




On this planet being affected as well with the magnetism and they'll be more flares coming off of the Sun as it tries to equalize in charge. We live in electric universe the reason the X flares are coming off is our Sun is discharging the extra current that it's absorbed it's going into a phase state of decreased activities when we come into 2020 the Jovians come into tighter alignment 2021 you can really see how tight is starting to get in 2022 you can already see the effects that this type of planetary geometry is gonna have on us and if you're talking about Milankovitch cycles and different types of magnetism and electromagnetism that pervades our solar system galaxy going out where star systems and galaxies connect to other star systems and galaxies.






What about the other stars close to us that are having in effect we are in berkland currents this is all having an effect and when we move out into 2023 and 2024 this is the most dangerous time for us. The ultimate cooling during this first set of the cycle will be here exactly 10 years after that at 2033 2034 will hit the next bottom and then after that we should come out if there's any activity on our Sun. Again and if the sunspots start to increase so when I talk about astrology mixing into the bombardment of energies across this galaxy I'd see a correlation but I don't know how to interpret.It it's like somebody looking in a new language for the first time that doesn't understand the language but there's somebody who's fluent in it and if you are fluent in astrology and you truly understand what these geometrical patterns mean in here I see several triangles in here. It almost looks like a pentagram in itself so I'm wondering is this is a common alignment because this type of alignment only happens once every 400 years.





Anyway where the earth is exactly in a parallel in between these two sets of Jovians and the last best match that. You can find is 79 AD so this is literally once in a 2000 year planetary alignment in the geometry and the way in the setup. That it's occurring and I think there's an Enlightenment awakening going to happen and why there's so much what would be considered chaos for the powers that be across the planet, because we are throwing off the old reigns. I mean this is an entry into a new energy paradigm literally the energy is changing around us so since we're electromagnetic beings we are entering a higher vibration state of frequency on this planet.


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