Record Heat in Taiwan, is it the Temperature Station Placement

A new record was broken for most consecutive days over 35C in Taipei Taiwan in mid August. What they neglect to tell you is that several stations were removed, leaving the stations next to roads, highways and subway lines. A list of earthquakes to compare against USGS to see if there are removed quakes from Asia.

Record Heat in Taiwan, is it the Temperature Station Placement

Record Heat in Taiwan, is it the Temperature Station Placement

A couple of weeks ago when I was talking about record cold in the Eastern, Maritimes of Canada and Ontario, somebody sent me to Lincoln said explain this away you're in Taiwan and headline reads mercury hits 38c, ten consecutive days of above 36 since 1897 now. This imaging report comes from the central weather bureau wide out here on the statistic and notice a linear uptrend is well from say 1985. That was when the development of Taipei really kicked in high gear and when you start to see temperature stations with the pollution monitoring that are right on some of the busiest street corners across Taipei they do this hybrid mix where they're trying to do the pollution and the weather and rainfall gauges together.




You get these things on top of buildings as well. Let's take a look in at the Taipei city map. Anywhere you see those red dots that is a temperature monitoring station. that's used to collate all of these temperatures together to come up with the average temperature for the city of the day. When you see those orange lines running across those are interstates that run through the city on raised platforms notice how many of those red dots are rate on those expressways. Additionally, when you see those blue or red lines those are MRT underground subway lines and right above those are the busiest streets in Taipei. Those thoroughfares and again notice how many of those red dots lie directly on either the brown line the blue line or the red line.





So you start asking yourself when you look into Google Maps then this is absolutely the busiest roundabout section in Taipei up in neihu of course they're gonna give higher readings. and again this is one of the busiest thoroughfares Xian Lu, it's actually a cross section of we're like six interstates and divergent roads come together and then split off again through Shu pilu and that temperature monitoring station that you see where it says section to Xian Lu that traffic backs up from that stoplight and read is that temperature station in idling traffic during rush hour so you can see how easily it could be explained that these temperatures are reaching all time consecutive day of record.






Of course these temperature stations are right in the middle of the city along thoroughfares a glimpse of the amount of stations across Taiwan national weather bureau really does a good job though especially with the reporting on the typhoons coming through I give them props for that but then again when we're looking at the University temperature stations look where these are this is in the same city now do you think these two stations are going to give different readings in the temperature very similar to what we see on the mountaintops but I do believe it's the placement of these temperature stations making higher readings and then or setting these records.





I also wanted to bring it to your attention what's the new rage is disguising the cell towers as trees so they're unnoticeable. I happen to glimpse this one when I was hiking this is right in the young mean shan national park area and I know a lot of you also noticed that earthquakes disappear off USGS or are routinely downgraded here's a list of earthquakes in the same time frame when that news article started from August 14th until September 1st you can compare it with USGS and see what's lacking




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