Arctic Ice Increases in August & Europe Begins 1963 Cooling Repeat

The 2017 summer melt season in the Arctic has come to an early end, as now sea ice is gaining an additional 10,000 square kilometers over the last 3 days. Along with a report linking cold European winters with the 11 year solar cycle and freezing Rhine River in Germany, the last time it froze 1963, and this year Finland, Romania and Russia all broke July snow records, last records they eclipsed, you guessed it, 1963. Cycles repeat.

Arctic Ice Increases in August & Europe Begins 1963 Cooling Repeat

Arctic Ice Increases in August & Europe Begins 1963 Cooling Repeat

Definitely inconvenient facts here Arctic sea ice is growing in the melt. Season has stopped weeks early, four point nine six four million square kilometers on August 28th August 29th. Four point nine six six today August thirtieth four point nine seven three. The amount of sea ice is increasing in August, taking a look at the sea ice concentration this is at the end of the melt season and I look at this and how much coverage. Do you see up there when in fact you've been told this entire summer that there's no sea ice. There's boats just going straight through the Arctic Circle right across the North Pole. I don't think that's happened even once twenty-eight shows the same thing. So let's put these side-by-side so we can take a look I put those orange arrows in or I saw some slight pixelation of increase in ice also the orange star is exactly where the Arctic mission is these are the guys that are taking sailboats to try to sail to the North Pole to show everybody that there's global warming.But they're stuck in the pack ice they're gonna have to turn back maybe even a rescue and the works for them especially if this sea ice is increasing already.





American Geophysical Union this is a bit older paper 2012 that found a link between cold European winters and solar activity in the regular 11-year cycle. They didn't go too much into the two hundred years cycle which is a grand solar minimum, but they did show that cold winters in Central Europe are specifically related to solar activity. They went all the way back to 1780 and then what they did was using the freezing of the Rhine River and ten out of the fourteen freezes on the Rhine River occurred during the low regular 11-year solar cycle. Interestingly the last time the Rhine River had frozen over was 1963.







The video I did about the typhoons coming over Taiwan double typhoons the last time that happened was 1967, so I'm already looking for a nineteen-sixties eather repeat globally. For this winter coupled on top of a more powerful cycle of the grand solar minimum and lo and behold this is a story I did earlier in July Finland all-time record snow record broken July 7th and the last time that had happened 1963 isn't that interesting? Just another verification that we're going through this cycle and we're definitely going to get back into the cool of the 60s. If you remember that if you were that old snowfall in July here we were told the world is baking but they left out. Romania as well this is July snowfalls and also on a couple of my previous videos I talked about crypto currency and we are definitely going to move into this as the old system our old economic system of this fiat money collapses around. Ddue to lack of confidence as food prices start to skyrocket all that disposable income that goes into buying new things like phones TVs cars clothes going out to eat going on holidays is all gonna be read averted into food and that is absolutely gonna crash the economy. what you saw in 2008 that is gonna be samal compared to what's coming this is an absolute reset for the entire economic system globally. They need a replacement that's why I keep talking about crypto currency.



Some of your bagging me on the channel saying why are you bringing this stuff up. It has nothing to do with your climate-related grand solar minimum weather changes absolutely they are. Intertwined that you can't separate them and one of the stumbling blocks right now to mass adoption and currently in the world only 0.01 5% of people even know what cryptocurrency is and how to buy it how to sell it how to use it. They're looking for about three percent by the end of 2018 to get on to this cryptocurrency usage so what they're going to do first is are going to have to develop ecommerce platforms for you to be able to buy and use this cryptocurrency easily. Monetha, this is the crowd sale that occurred today they raised thirty six million dollars in five minutes for this platform it's full FinTech payment. Gateway as well as the buyers and sellers can do reviews that are locked on the blockchain. So they can't be altered as you see with so many websites and reviews today so it's a double coupling FinTech plus review for buyers and sellers all using a theory and based you see our 20 token services and platforms.




If I kind of just talked over your head you need to do your homework right now if 0.01 five percent of the population of this planet is using cryptocurrency now and the price of bitcoins approaching five thousand US dollars in etherium is getting right up to its all-time highs again right around $400 what's gonna happen with three percent of the global population starts to use this that'll be a two hundred and forty five times increase in usage on that do the math do some of your research if you're gonna thrive during this time this is the new money for our planet. you should know how it works what it does because you're going to be using it by 2019 and late .



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