Other Crop Losses Globally Due to Cold & Mini Ice Age Climate Intensification

Following on the heels of the gargantuan wheat crop loss in the United States world avocado prices doubling reduced harvest phenomenal prices in Europe for South African avocados limited availability of lemons due to too much rain in California those back-to-back cold fronts sweeping across Europe all the measures to mitigate the losses in vain bosnia-herzegovina apples, pears, plums and strawberries covered in three feet of snow belgium hit 75 to 80% of the apple crop gone germany cherries and strawberries 10,000 hectares.

Other Crop Losses Globally Due to Cold & Mini Ice Age Climate Intensification 

What I consider the first mini ice age crop losses in the grains across the United States over the last week take a look globally what's happening as well with out of season storms destroying our food crops world avocado prices doubling after harvests are reduced so much so that now there's thieves going around filling up car loads of fruit California productions down 44% we saw the same thing in two thousand eight and nine and Thailand where people were grinning and harvesting fields of rice when the commodities prices got so high so you can see why back in the 1600s they used to have to guard the grain shipments moving from point A to point B we're already into the banditry and we're not even at like any kind of major losses where people's actual physical health is affected imagine what it's going to be like when people around the planet start to get really hungry what they're going to be able to do.

Phenomenal prices for South African avocados in Europe more than double they're even getting a higher price than what's coming out of the losses from Mexico and California and over in California due to all these saturating rains limited availability of lemons on certain grade choices.

Taking a look at Europe and the unseasonable lows coming down from the Arctic it was a back-to-back late April early May the vineyards and the archer growers all going to extreme measures to try to save whatever was already bloomed and out because of the early spring.

It just continued to no avail bosnia-herzegovina losing its apple pear plums and strawberries they don't have a full count yet because that is still buried under three feet of snow from April 20th and then it continued and they had another storm after that what it looked like around Romania as well plants covered that whole general area of East Europe looks exactly like this jumping over to Belgium they're looking at 75 to 80 percent loss of apples.



Then we continue into Germany strawberries cherries at least 10,000 hectares and as you're doing mathematics on that remember it's two point four acres equals a hectare approximately but then there's other top fruits that are being damaged as well their totals aren't in Switzerland the damage has not been estimated yet but it's likely to be big that's huge for a government to come out and say that from their Agriculture Bureau.

Then we look at the same times during these cold damage all time record cold across Switzerland new records set for all these locations in Switzerland and just stunning images coming out of the snow all the way down to the pastures they're jumping over to Italy the total damage is huge they're talking not only the vineyards but the tomato plants and other types of asparagus soft fruit stone fruits and strawberries millions of plants of tomatoes so for sure there's going to be an exceptional increase in tomato prices.

You know that's part of the Italian culture so people are going to pay anything for those tomatoes it's going to definitely go up in price heavy snowfalls still continue today northern Italy.

This is how much snow is still coming down let's jump over to Poland cherries and soft fruit 70 to 80 percent losses blueberries as well as would be expected this is how much snow came down over the last two weeks in Poland.


Multiple feet across the entire country and again that would be right with the whole eastern part of Europe that got blanketed alright well let's jump over to Austria so many of the fruit trees were damaged by heavy frost 50 million euros minimum lost they're looking at 12,000 hectares.

It's still continuing with the apple orchards and all the other fruits that are being grown the amount of snow that came down and Austria was over 2 metres that's over 6 feet this late in the season it's unheard of they've never ever seen this types of snow totals they've read about it back in the accounts of the 1600s in the Maunder Minimum.


They've never seen it since that's when the glacier started growing across Switzerland in the maunder minimum.

If you think southern Spain was impervious to any of this cold you better think again Spain Valencian region at least 10,000 hectares damaged this is grapes almonds and the olive oil prices are already going up because the olive trees were damaged from the previous freezes earlier in the year now ron's this is just taking a pummeling not only is there wheat crop been affected but the vineyard outputs literally they're talking 50% losses this year for the vineyards and then Austria last year lost what 39 percent and then this year it's 50 percent in France.

This was how much snow is still coming down they were just unable to protect the vineyards even though they sprayed them with water and tried to insulate them from the cold this is the Lynx they went to last week and then that spark yesterday wake-up call the grand solar minimum losses are increasing and this is definitely so in your face that it's now just going to be called many Ice Age crop losses from this point forward wheat prices up 8% in two days due to a loss of minimum thirty percent of the wheat crop in the United States.

When I say that I was reading the report so that's what they're eyeballing right now the damage that they can see through the snow another waiting for the snow to melt to accumulate more damage on there so this is going to get creeping 40-50 percent after all is said and done and then they have to wait for the next front to come through with all the floods and they have to wait for the hail and then they can start counting the damage this was a white out wipe out.  


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Other Crop Losses Globally Due to Cold & Mini Ice Age Climate Intensification (VIDEO)