$500 Billion Plan to Refreeze Polar Cap, While Icebergs Detour Ships 650KM South Across Atlantic

Plan to Refreeze Polar Cap While Icebergs Detour Ships 650KMClimate science meeting the Insane Asylum, Arizona State scientists devised 500 billion US dollar plan to refreeze the Arctic polar cap yes that's half a trillion U.S. dollars.

Bad timing 400-plus icebergs invade the north Atlantic shipping lanes driving traffic 650 kilometers south to avoid the icebergs all the while passenger ferries stuck in the ice in Nova Scotia and record snowfall across Anchorage plus Greenland continuing record ice growth.

$500 Billion Plan to Refreeze Polar Cap, While Icebergs Detour Ships 650KM South

If there weren't enough ways at the IPCC and the entire climate change body is wasting our money and trying to get more of your tax dollars now they have a plan to refreeze the Arctic building 10 million wind-powered pumps over the Arctic ice cap price tag half trillion dollars and they think that they can increase the ice coverage and thickness by doing this.


The article continues this outlay may become necessary if we want to halt the calamity that faces the Arctic, no the calamity that faces us as a species is our food growing that's going to be lost during this grand solar minimum we could use this 500 billion to revamp our entire food growing production systems on this planet we can do an enormous amount of preparation for the mini ice age agricultural losses with this money.


What terrible timing to release an article like this 400-plus icebergs the same size even larger that sunk the Titanic invading the northern Atlantic shipping lanes I mean these things are so large that they're actually sending shipping traffic 400 miles or 650 kilometers south that's adding at least 24 to 48 hours on the delivery times they're using more fuel this is just another one of those little indicators at the Grand Solar Minimum is intensifying and it is going to affect your life so if you're delivering food by these ships that are reroute it you're going to pay more.


 Let's take a look through the twitter feed NL iceberg report fascinating thank you whoever's running this speed thank you for putting this up I just found it and I think it's an amazing job that you're doing there some images here these icebergs are pretty large now a lot of these are photographed from shore but wow these things are huge still got some patches of sea ice out there some of those have broken free straight into the shipping lanes and remember when you're Icebergs you're only seeing one tenth of it above the water it's ninety percent larger underwater and we see massive bergs like this in the open ocean going through the shipping lanes.


What you're seeing is the 10% above the water but the rest of it is so deep that it's dragging bottom on the cove also some more open ocean and pack ice shots.


NASA close up and the density of the ice coming in Nova Scotia as well the pack ice is trapping the ferry and we got some birds in there is no scale on this one but it looks pretty large just go back to 2015 they had icebergs washing up as far south as Cape Cod but there weren't as many and it didn't divert ship traffic back then so I'm saying it's an uptick this year in the burgh count let's make a bet there's going to be icebergs further south in Cape Cod this year washing up on the beach is coming up about the next month and a half. Jumping back to St. John's our favorite record-breaking snowfall capital of St. John's talking about a hard punch out through the ice this brings us right off to that same region right now where the Atlantic ferry carrying 209 passengers has been stuck for the last couple days.

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Cape Breton Island over to the far right the lighter green there just north of Halifax image here of the satellite view that very bright white is the sea ice that's jamming up in the bays and waterways the motor vessel Highlanders is nearly free they've been trying to get it out there they have another icebreaker that's trying to escort this thing out and then we need to jump over to Anchorage on the other side of North America what's happening record snowfall eight point eight inches but the previous was three point four inches so more than double the previous record snowfall set in 2001 now if it would have been set in like 1886 or something but you start to get these records that are all lumping up within the last 15 years it starts to show a trend.


Cape Cod Icebergs Wash Ashore 2015

Greenland where you've been told ice is melting it's not this is from the Danish meteorological Institute DMI absolutely breaking records on ice growth which is completely the opposite with their feeding you in the news right now.


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