Earth Will Not Warm Again Until 2100, Record Snow Canada, Ferry Trapped in Sea Ice Off Nova Scotia

Earth Will Not Warm Again Until 2100 (2) - CopyA new study confirms the Sun dominates the Earth's climate for major European Institute's all coming out saying that this grand solar minimum will lower Earth's temperatures by at least half a degree Celsius and that's going to be and there will be no increased thermometer readings until 2100 because our earth actually follows a 60-year Pacific decadal oscillation.

Add into this volcanoes erupting during the grand solar minimums lots of ash in the air at the moment record amounts of snow from blizzards across Eastern Canada Nova Scotia fairies stuck in ice Greenland still continuing record ice growth all contrary to what the IPCC has told us.

A new article out shocking for of the major European Institute's that used to agree with co2 greenhouse gas theory physical meteorology Observatory in Davos Swiss Federal Institute of aquatic science and technology eth Zurich and the university of Bern all coming out to confirm the sun dominates Earth's climate these climate modelers admit that clouds are the unsolved driver of these climate models that don't make sense.


The study actually came out and even fully said that burning fossil fuels was less important in the computer models then was first suggested showing these natural warming and cooling cycles 958 d 60 ad 200 BC abrupt climate change brought on by the Sun they go on to talk about this grand solar minimum occurring right now and intensifying it's going to lower Earth's temperatures by half a degree Celsius at the minimum they put the coldest at 2040 so it's going to cool from this point forward to at least 2040 through their calculations and what's that mean to you and I well there's going to be no increase in heat until after 2100.


So everything you've heard about the world's warming to infinity has just been proven wrong by science and some of the largest Institute's on this planet studying co2 global warming theory they actually peg it to a natural cycle the 60 year pacific decadal oscillation otherwise known as the PDO there's a direct correlation in earth heating and cooling on the 60 year cycle add into this the well-known correlation of grand solar  minimums an increase in a volcanic activity and aerosols in the atmosphere causing cooling and heavier cloud cover along with the cosmic ray increases.


Another sign that this is in play new record snow Newfoundland Eastern Canada getting over 120 centimeters of snow and for those of you in the U.S. 2.5 centimeters equals 1 inch a couple images for you here snow up to the rooftops of homes now in Canada when it's reported in the news is an unbelievable amount of snow and this is in Gander which also had record snows two years ago seems to be a trend in that area here's the actual depth of some snow on top of the cars.


All of you hearing about the melting sea ice oh it's going to melt in will use all the Northwest Passage and it's definitely disappearing the sea ice or so you've been told Atlantic Barry stuck in sea ice off Cape Breton this off the ice age now dot info news feed Nova Scotia ferry stuck they're not really sure when they can get it out they're sending an icebreaker right now to try to escort it out of this slush pack ice image here for you of the escort ship trying to break it free right now and cut a channel through there okay Breton here on the map for you far Eastern Maritimes bit north of Halifax Nova Scotia satellite image for you here if truly all the sea ice was melting you think further south latitude to be the first place that it would disappear not in the Arctic Circle which they keep claiming how can there be so much sea ice this far south if all the ice is disappearing in the north how can there still be ice further south.


This is just simple common sensical stuff further south is warmer than further north and going along with that aerosols cloud cover increasing the amount of snow and ice on Greenland and once you start to add up all these signs that are around us now you should start to think about your next steps because in two years from now the global crop shortages will start and your food prices are going to be going up minimum double distant early warning you're going to need a plan B and I hope you start to think about it right now.


As I as mentioned before with the intensification of a grand solar minimum intensification of a grand solar minimum your food prices are going up this is wiped out society's every time it comes not because it's so cold because the erratic growing and harvesting I encourage you to talk to Bob Kudla over at trade genius he'll explain the intensification and where they see the food crop losses coming first.

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